Promoting Economic Literacy: A Mission to Empower Financial Decision-Making

As we stand at the crossroads of technology and finance, the role of economic literacy in shaping our future has never been more critical. My name is Eric Koeplin, CEO of Alpha Principle. Alongside our efforts in the investment world, I am deeply committed to promoting economic literacy across the United States. To that end, my family supports Economic Literacy Colorado, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

The Importance of Economic Literacy

Economic literacy is fundamental to the well-being of individuals and the prosperity of society. Understanding economic principles enables people to make better decisions regarding their personal finances, careers, and civic responsibilities. It equips them to navigate complex financial systems, advocate for themselves, and contribute to the economic health of their communities.

Supporting Economic Literacy Colorado

Economic Literacy Colorado plays a crucial role in advancing economic understanding. The organization provides educators with the tools and resources needed to teach economic concepts effectively. By supporting this initiative, I aim to help create a society where everyone has the opportunity to understand and participate in the economic systems that shape our world. This commitment aligns seamlessly with my professional ethos at Alpha Principle, where informed decision-making drives our mission.

Initiatives and Programs

Economic Literacy Colorado offers a variety of programs designed to enhance economic education:

  1. Teacher Training Workshops: These workshops equip educators with innovative methods and materials to teach economics in engaging and meaningful ways.
  2. Student Competitions: Programs such as the Stock Market Experience and the National Personal Finance Challenge provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that bring economic concepts to life.
  3. Curriculum Development: Economic Literacy Colorado collaborates with educators to develop curriculum materials that are aligned with state standards and relevant to students’ lives.

The Impact of Economic Literacy

By enhancing economic literacy, we empower individuals to make better financial decisions, thereby improving their quality of life. Financially literate individuals are more likely to save for the future, invest wisely, and avoid excessive debt. They are also better equipped to understand and influence economic policies that affect their communities.

My Commitment

As a financial adviser of nearly four decades, I believe it is my responsibility to promote economic literacy. Through my support of Economic Literacy Colorado, I aim to:

  • Raise Awareness: Highlight the importance of economic education in schools and communities.
  • Support Educators: Provide teachers with the resources and training they need to effectively teach economic concepts.
  • Engage Students: Inspire young people to take an active interest in economics and understand its relevance to their lives.

Looking Ahead

The journey to improve economic literacy is ongoing. As new economic challenges and opportunities arise, it is essential to continuously adapt and expand our educational efforts. I am committed to staying at the forefront of this mission, leveraging my expertise and resources to support Economic Literacy Colorado and similar initiatives.

The Broader Vision

Expanding economic literacy isn’t just about financial management; it’s about fostering a more informed and engaged citizenry. By understanding economic principles, individuals can better grasp the complexities of global markets, economic policies, and their implications on everyday life. This broader comprehension fosters critical thinking and encourages active participation in democratic processes, thereby contributing to a more robust and resilient society.


Promoting economic literacy is a powerful way to empower individuals and strengthen our society. I am dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions. This commitment not only aligns with my professional goals at Alpha Principle but also reflects my belief in the transformative power of education. Together, we can build a financially literate society that thrives on informed and responsible decision-making.

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